Success stories: Weight loss of Arise users

Up a mountain without struggling

Vollrath: -21kg

Although I weighed in at 136kg, I told myself I was doing fine. My inner voice just kept telling me, “Your friends like you just the way you are,” “Others are even worse,” or “A few more kilos won’t do you any harm.” But when you feel out of breath after every little thing, you eventually realize that something has to change. This is where Arise came in.

Its intuitive system helped me get my eating habits under control relatively quickly. Since then, I try to avoid high-in-carbs foods like chips and wheat beer. I will admit that this was not always easy. I sometimes had the feeling that I had reached a standstill since my scales seemed to never budge. It took some time for me to get closer and closer to my goal. But there were always small successes in-between to help me stay on track.

The first time I walked up a mountain without struggling was such an exhilarating moment! Unlike before, I did not have to fight with myself, gasping for breath and getting exhausted along the way. For the first time, I was able to simply enjoy nature and take a break from everyday stress. And I’m doing fine today. I do sports almost every day and feel fit. I would like to encourage all those who want to achieve their desired weight and pass on to them my motto: “Never surrender!”

Arise 1 sucess story Vollrath -21 kg

Feeling carefree in a rollercoaster

Christian: -32kg

I still remember that moment of shock when the safety bar was lowered and I noticed that the seat was almost too narrow for me! I really did not feel like I fit in, which was very uncomfortable for me. I am 1.85m tall but I weighed 112kg. I did not feel well in my day-to-day life. And then my girlfriend and I broke up. It was the final straw. I decided I had to finally lose weight.

With the help of Arise, I could closely monitor and track what food I ate. To be able to see at a glance which foods are healthy and which are not has made things enormously easier for me.

This change in my diet was my biggest challenge – just like going to the gym every other day. But giving up never was an option for me because I really, really wanted to reach my goal. In addition, the quick results I saw motivated me to continue pursuing my goal: my arms and legs got thinner, my stomach became flatter, and I was soon able to move around freely once again.

People started talking to me about the 20kg I lost and how skinny I was. This also helped motivate me to keep on going. Today I weigh 80kg and feel absolutely wonderful in my own body.

I actually rode the same roller coaster I did a year ago. It was a truly great experience. I mean, I just had so much extra space just sitting there! For comparison, before exiting the roller coaster I briefly lowered the safety bar to where it fitted last year. I thought to myself: Geeze, it’s now so loose in that position that I would fall out if I rode it like that these days…. Of course, that didn’t happen, the ride was a blast!

Arise 2 weight loss success Christian -32 kg

My improved quality of life

Sergey: -34kg

Weighing in at 132 kilos, I felt really miserable. I had joint pain, high blood pressure, and got tired very quickly, which made everyday life extremely difficult. One day after I realized just how poor my quality of life had become, I made my decision: I had to a take a new path in life and get rid of my excess pounds!

The Arise app supported me along the way. I lost the first 5kg surprisingly fast, so I suddenly felt much better. I felt so accomplished!

Although I had taken the first hurdle, it was not always easy. I still had to be careful to stick to my new eating habits instead of falling back into old patterns, especially during lavish dinner parties with family and friends. But the Arise app helped me stay disciplined and give me the motivation I needed to consistently pursue my goals.

I am now down to 98kg. While I feel much healthier, I want to keep pushing for a better quality of life. But with my newfound discipline and motivation, I’m sure I’ll lose all the weight I need to get to where I want to be!

Arise 3 Lose weight Sergey -34 kg

My clothes fit again

Martin: -21kg

At a certain point in my life, I realized just how lethargic, unathletic and unwell I was. I weighed about 108kg. More and more of my clothes ended up unused in the closet because I couldn’t fit into them anymore. I was fed up: I wanted to lose weight and be as slim as I used to be!

The problem was that I never really thought about what I was eating. All too often I had hearty meals like pizza and pasta. And as for sweets, well, I ate too many of them. Fortunately, the Arise app has helped me keep track of my diet and make me more aware of what I eat throughout the day. I succeeded in cutting back on unhealthy foods—even if it was not at all really easy for me.

But the perseverance was well worth it because I feel so much better and freer today at 87kg.

It’s really the most beautiful joy for my clothes to fit me again like a glove! I’m finally able to take all my favourite things out of the closet and feel comfortable wearing them.

Even friends and acquaintances whom I have not seen for a long time notice how slim I have become whenever I run into them. These compliments give me strength and have boosted my self-confidence!

Arise 4 Healthy weight loss Martin -21 kg

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