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Arise Beach Body Natalya -5 kg

Easy, easier, Arise

Natalya: -5kg

With my 57 kilos I was still doing pretty well, but I still wanted to get back to my old weight. In order to achieve this goal, I downloaded Arise. Above all, the app helped me with calorie counting and logging my meals. My weight loss was relatively easy for me, especially through Arise. In fact, there wasn't a moment when I thought I wouldn't make it. I was particularly surprised by the quick results: after a few days I weighed myself for the first time and suddenly saw 0.8 kg less on the scale. Wow! To date, I have lost 5 kilos, so I currently only weigh 52 kilos. This makes me feel more powerful and alive than I have felt in a long time.

Arise my weight loss way Nico -20 kg

Found my way

Nico: -20kg

It is indescribable how easy weight loss can be when you have found your way ... Arise is not a miracle app, but it is a giant help if you want to keep the overview. All the calorie tracking functions also helped me to understand what nutrition means. Paired with sport I have now slimmed down a little more than 20kg (in about 1 year), by the way with a break of three months. 😉

Arise success story Vollrath -21 kg

Up a mountain without struggling

Vollrath: -21kg

Although I weighed in at 136kg, I told myself I was doing fine. My inner voice just kept telling me, “Your friends like you just the way you are,” “Others are even worse,” or “A few more kilos won’t do you any harm.” But when you feel out of breath after every little thing, you eventually realize that something has to change. This is where Arise came in. Its intuitive system helped me get my eating habits under control and learn calorie counting relatively quickly. Since then, I try to avoid high-in-carbs foods like chips and wheat beer. I will admit that this was not always easy. I sometimes had the feeling that I had reached a standstill since my scales seemed to never budge. It took some time for me to get closer and closer to my goal. But there were always small weight loss successes in-between to help me stay on track. The first time I walked up a mountain without struggling was such an exhilarating moment! Unlike before, I did not have to fight with myself, gasping for breath and getting exhausted along the way. For the first time, I was able to simply enjoy nature and take a break from everyday stress. And I’m doing fine today. I do sports almost every day and feel fit. I would like to encourage all those who want to achieve their desired weight and pass on to them my motto: “Never surrender!”

Arise weight loss success Christian -32 kg

Feeling carefree in a rollercoaster

Christian: -32kg

I still remember that moment of shock when the safety bar was lowered and I noticed that the seat was almost too narrow for me! I really did not feel like I fit in, which was very uncomfortable for me. I am 1.85m tall but I weighed 112kg. I did not feel well in my day-to-day life. And then my girlfriend and I broke up. It was the final straw. I decided I had to finally lose weight. With the help of Arise, I could closely monitor and track what food I ate. To be able to see at a glance which foods are healthy and which are not has made things enormously easier for me. This change in my diet was my biggest challenge – just like going to the gym every other day. But giving up never was an option for me because I really, really wanted to reach my weigth loss goal. In addition, the quick results I saw motivated me to continue calorie counting and pursuing my goal: my arms and legs got thinner, my stomach became flatter, and I was soon able to move around freely once again. People started talking to me about the 20kg I lost and how skinny I was. This also helped motivate me to keep on going. Today I weigh 80kg and feel absolutely wonderful in my own body. I actually rode the same roller coaster I did a year ago. It was a truly great experience. I mean, I just had so much extra space just sitting there! For comparison, before exiting the roller coaster I briefly lowered the safety bar to where it fitted last year. I thought to myself: Geeze, it’s now so loose in that position that I would fall out if I rode it like that these days…. Of course, that didn’t happen, the ride was a blast!

Arise Attractive and fit as a young mother Elena -8 kg

Attractive and fit as a young mother

Elena: -8kg

How did I feel at the time with 61 kilos? Just uncomfortable! It was clear to me: in order to feel better and healthier again in my body as a mother, I finally have to lose weight. I just had to overcome my self-doubt and find the motivation to just get started. But when I started my weight loss journey with the app, I was surprised at how easy it was. I stayed focused and made it easier for myself by deliberately avoiding the unhealthy temptations that "lurk" in everyday life. I also always had my clear goal in mind: to be a young and fit mother! Arise made the whole process of losing weight easy for me. Thanks to the simple calorie counting function, I always knew how many calories I had burned and how much weight I had lost. In short - I always had an overview of everything. The first successes came really quick, so it was not necessary to deal with other weight loss concepts. I immediately stopped feeling “too fat” and realized that losing weight with Arise really works. Where I am today? When I started losing weight, I always had a “magic number” in my head: 55 kilos. I currently only weigh 53 kilos. I have more than achieved my goal and feel completely happy. I now know exactly: Even as a mother, keeping fit can be child's play!

Arise My last chance Sarah -32 kg

My last chance

Sarah: -32kg

Guys I'm totally excited! After many expensive diets and programs that only helped my wallet lose weight, I almost gave up. My health was already at risk and I didn't know how to continue. At some point I looked at myself in the mirror and gave myself the last chance. After reading for a long time, I came up with the simplest method of trying to count calories. I mean what did I have to lose? Either weight or the likely ruin of my health. I found Arise on the app store and started eating just the calories I had available every day. So I started shopping more consciously, for example, healthy things that have fewer calories. The step on the scale brought a smile to my face a few hundred grams here and than a kilo gone. I signed up for the gym to burn calories and my weight dropped. 5 months later, despite Christmas and New Year's Eve, I have achieved a weight loss of 32kg and enjoy receiving all the compliments from my surroundings. I will continue in 2018. A few kilos still have to go but I am confident thanks to Arise. By the way, my husband joined the program at some point and has now also lost 25 kg. I dare to write that Arise may even have saved my life. The quality of life has definitely been improved. Thanks a million Arise team ❤️

Arise Lose weight Sergey -34 kg

My improved quality of life

Sergey: -34kg

Weighing in at 132 kilos, I felt really miserable. I had joint pain, high blood pressure, and got tired very quickly, which made everyday life extremely difficult. One day after I realized just how poor my quality of life had become, I made my decision: I had to a take a new path in life and get rid of my excess pounds! The Arise app supported me along the way. By using the calorie tracker, I lost the first 5kg surprisingly fast, so I suddenly felt much better. I felt so accomplished! Although I had taken the first hurdle, it was not always easy. I still had to be careful to stick to my new eating habits instead of falling back into old patterns, especially during lavish dinner parties with family and friends. But the Arise app helped me stay disciplined and give me the motivation I needed to consistently pursue my weight loss goals. I am now down to 98kg. While I feel much healthier, I want to keep pushing for a better quality of life. But with my newfound discipline and motivation, I’m sure I’ll lose all the weight I need to get to where I want to be!

Arise Best app Sydney -10 kg

Best app out there

Sydney: -10kg

I have been trying to lose weight for years, but my diets have never lasted longer than 4 days. With this app I achieved my weight loss 10kg in a healthy way! Never again without the app! I want to lose another 5 kilos and I'm on the right track with calorie counting on Arise :)

Arise Mindful eating Sumi -28 kg

Mindful eating

Sumi: -28kg

I have been using this app since the end of January. The calorie tracker helps me get used to a new diet, recognize quantities and eat more consciously. The goal is to keep my weight in the end even without an app. Arise is really recommended for this. If you want to keep an eye on your macros to achieve even greater weight loss with sport, you should get a subscription for a year. Of course, the whole journey includes more than one app, but Arise is a wonderful support!

Arise Increased energy through weight loss Jacqueline -5 kg

In a new dress through Paris

Jacqueline: -5kg

Even if 67 kilos doesn't sound like a lot to many people: my clothes had already become too tight (especially on my belly) and I had little energy in everyday life. What ultimately led me to my decision for weight loss? At that time my plan included a great trip to Paris with the prospect of a beautiful new dress. But I also wanted to fit in my old jeans again. Because I am convinced that being able to wear things from before is an even better feeling than buying new clothes! Arise encouraged me to try a few new dishes again because I actually like to cook. I started with low-carb recipes, but over time the meals became more varied. I automatically selected healthier ingredients for the preparation of the dishes and gradually changed my diet without really knowing it. I was even able to make cauliflower tasty for my husband, which I would not have thought possible before! 😁 The app has some features that made it easier for me to prepare healthy meals. Own recipes can be saved so that they can be used again at any time. In addition, by scanning barcodes, you can enter your foods anc count calories within seconds. Oh yes: It is also a lot of fun to collect the medals in the app. The rewards gave me a real boost in motivation! In the meantime I have lost 5 kilos and only weigh 62 kilos. This makes me feel "spring fresh" and healthy ... Paris, I'm coming!

Arise Enjoy good foods Veit -10 kg

Enjoying good foods and the results

Veit: -10kg

Before I thought about changing my diet, I literally ate what it takes. I once wrote down how much that was in a day and made a face since it was about 3500-4000 kcal on average. I am 20, I was not active in sports. When I got on the scale and saw the 87.3 kg, I swallowed because I was overweight and I noticed for the first time how I really put on weight around my belly, legs and cheeks, which is why I got myself decided to take action on the same day. After the trial period, I switched to the Pro version of the calorie counter. I think I paid almost 40 € / year, but it is worth it, because I see how my ratio of carbs, protein and fat. + I also like that everything is marked with a green, orange and red dot. Which means, you can eat a lot of it, you should pay attention to the amount of it, you should eat as little of it as possible for weight loss. Right now I'm doing weight training every day (Sunday and Wednesday is my day off) and every second I do cardio. What can I say? Now I weigh 78.6 kg. The sport is really fun. But what is even more fun is that I have a balanced diet, I have dared to eat more vegetables (before that I almost never ate veggies, I had eaten 1-2 bueno 6-packs every day, plus more other crap). After a week of calorie counting I was able to see the first results and was amazed by the results of changing my diet. At the moment I really like to eat 2 fried eggs with diced tomatoes in the morning, so I have a good start into the day. At lunchtime there is usually a vegetable pan (zucchini, onion, a little broccoli, tomato, bell pepper and fresh herbs) with chicken breast and rice or a small portion of minced meat with homemade pasta with fried vegetables as a side dish, but clearly still the majority of my plate. In the evening I mostly eat a salad and vary with chicken or tuna. Great app, I recommend 👍🏼

Arise Healthy weight loss Martin -21 kg

My clothes fit again

Martin: -21kg

At a certain point in my life, I realized just how lethargic, unathletic and unwell I was. I weighed about 108kg. More and more of my clothes ended up unused in the closet because I couldn’t fit into them anymore. I was fed up: I wanted to lose weight and be as slim as I used to be! The problem was that I never really thought about what I was eating. All too often I had hearty meals like pizza and pasta. And as for sweets, well, I ate too many of them. Fortunately, the Arise app has helped me keep track of my diet through calorie counting and make me more aware of what I eat throughout the day. I succeeded in cutting back on unhealthy foods—even if it was not at all really easy for me. But the perseverance was well worth it because I feel so much better and freer today at 87kg. It’s really the most beautiful joy for my clothes to fit me again like a glove! I’m finally able to take all my favourite things out of the closet and feel comfortable wearing them. Even friends and acquaintances whom I have not seen for a long time notice how slim I have become whenever I run into them. These compliments on my weight loss give me strength and have boosted my self-confidence!

Arise Satisfied look in the mirror Saskia -10 kg

Satisfied look in the mirror

Saskia: -10kg

At that time I felt extremely uncomfortable in my body, so that I could hardly bear to look in the mirror. The reason for my high weight of 78 kilos was the "classics": I enjoyed eating greasy and sweet dishes and was eating too unhealthily. In addition, I did not move enough. At the beginning of the year, the point came when I realized: "It doesn't go on like this anymore!" Because I finally wanted to feel good again, I started using the app. I really entered everything very precisely when I was calorie counting: what I weigh, eat, drink and how I move and do sports. That was a huge help to me. Obviously, weight loss was not always easy for me and I never really wanted to "count calories". But what can I say? It works! And the great thing is that with the app you automatically eat healthier and exercise more. You not only look better, you really ARE healthier! By far the greatest moments were when I started looking at myself in the mirror again and buying new clothes in smaller sizes. And today? With my 68 kilos I finally feel comfortable in my body again. I like looking in the mirror, I feel healthier and I am proud that I have managed to change my habits!

Arise recommendable for weight loss Daja -8 kg

More than I was hoping for

Daja: -8kg

I can more than recommend this calorie tracker, although I was rather skeptical. By deliberately counting calories and also paying attention to when and how much you are eating, you really get an overview of what kind of stuff put into yourself. Of course, you also have to have the patience and time to enter everything, every little piece of chocolate *laughs* it brought me more than I was hoping for. I had a weight loss of 8 kg in 3 months and there is no yo-yo effect, even if you no longer use the app because you are aware and more conscious of nutrition. In the meantime, I already gained a big knowledge about the nutrition of the food I eat, and I no longer need the app to count in my everyday life. Of course, you should also move a little. I can only recommend this app. Amazing!

Arise weight loss success Arsen -9 kg

Again a "rocket" in football

Arsen: -9kg

Because I was constantly gaining weight, I felt more and more restricted in my freedom of movement. Also running became more and more difficult for me... not exactly the best conditions for playing football! Apart from the sporting aspects, I also felt simply not attractive anymore and was tired of seeing my reflection. Some excellent reasons to lose weight - I wanted to get off the 88 kilos! To achieve my goals I had the Arise app, just like an athlete has his training partner. During the first 7 days calorie counting was not always easy for me. But then it all became a habit - also with the support of the user-friendly app. What a great feeling of victory it was when I could feel the first muscles on my stomach! With these results I was once again gripped by the ambition to continue working on myself. After my weight loss I weigh 79 kilos and feel perfect in my body. So I can really get going again on the football field. I really think if it weren't for Arise, I wouldn't have made it. I owe my success 100 percent to you!

Arise Fit into new clothes Alina -30 kg

Beautiful clothes instead of baggy look

Alina: -30kg

Back then, the 102 kilos severely restricted my life. I felt unattractive with my overall appearance, had strong self-doubt and was ashamed of my look. So I couldn't and didn't want to go on! Instead of leggings and oversized sweaters, I wanted to wear nice clothes again to finally feel sexy again. My family also motivated me because I knew they would be proud of me. Arise gave me great support in losing weight. With the app, I learned to eat consciously and how calorie counting works. Thanks to the nutritional information next to each meal, I was able to easily keep track of everything and eat the daily calories in the amount that is right for me. Because of my self-doubt, I didn't start with full motivation at first. But after my first weight loss, I really wanted to continue - simply because I myself believed that I could achieve my normal figure. I'm currently at 72 kilos and can finally wear all the great clothes that look very nice on me. I feel attractive, sexy and physically fit. As a result, I am self-confident again and have returned to my former zest for life!

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