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Is calorie counting really all it takes to reach your goal weight? With Arise, the answer is a resounding yes - with over 6M users and thousands of kilograms lost to date. Calorie tracking has helped our users eat better, live healthier, feel more confident and stay motivated. Not to mention enjoying a lifetime of long-term results!

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With Arise, you really do have it all. Arise’s unique and easy-to-use calorie counting system will make your journey to a healthier weight a breeze. Pick the right foods for you, track your progress, and watch your goals get closer and closer. We offer the best tools on the market to help you get in shape - and show you the optimal way to use them. We provide personalized insights on your eating habits and the patterns and that have shaped your journey so far. And, we motivate you to keep calorie counting until you reach the finish line.

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Achieve and Reward Yourself

At Arise, all progress is rewarded - in and out of the app! Our unique system of achievements is here to make calorie counting exciting. Start using Arise and you’ll never guess what cool medal is around the corner. Surpass your own calorie tracking streak, reach your step goal or log your first weight loss milestone to win. We’ve developed our Secret Achievements especially to surprise you and keep you motivated. Here, your consistency will always be rewarded! If you prefer celebrating your successes outside the app, we have a feature you’ll love. Enter Joy Points: a way to turn your calorie counting deficit into a delicious snack. There’s no need to put your social life on hold to lose weight - instead, enjoy all the scientific benefits of treating yourself, with none of the guilt of a ‘cheat day’. Enjoy it on a special occasion, to reward your dedication, or as a way to escape the dreaded weight loss plateau!

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Adopt healthy habits and save time:
Calorie counting is made effortless with Arise PRO. Copy entire meals with just one click or bookmark your favorite dishes for faster entry. Find out if you’re staying within your macro goals, and learn about the ‘traffic light hack’ and how it’s the secret to losing weight without getting hungry. Edit your past days and look back on the food choices you made a week ago to check on your progress. Have you ever wondered how long you’d need to walk to ‘burn off’ that hamburger? Arise PRO can show you in seconds!

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Over 100K 5-star reviews

Exactly what I wanted

That's fun! Huge database, easy handling and I can add data! Already awesome, looking forward to more.

Michael Graul - 23.04.2023

In my opinion the best

I've tried many calorie counting apps but none like this one: Very useful and beautiful graphics. Then in my opinion the functionality of being able to enter everything and use it even offline is phenomenal. If you really want to achieve important results, with fun and the right advice, this is the app for you. Then at the price of two coffees a month, practically nothing. Highly recommended!

Genmar10 - 04.04.2023

Weight loss success all along the line 😚

I lost 56 kg ☺️ Thank you ☺️ I still use the app very diligently ☺️ It's a new attitude towards life 🫶

LauriT - 19.02.2023


Easy to set up, easier to use

The Arise calorie tracker is a breeze to use. Concentrate on your weight loss targets and let us do the rest. Calorie counting with our app takes less than 5 minutes per day.

Your advantages:
  • Feel healthier and more attractive every day
  • Permanent, lasting results without the yo-yo effect
  • Get amazing results in little time
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About Arise

Our vision

Driving personal growth with beautiful, well-thought applications.

Why we work

39% of the society is overweight. We're committed to help, support and motivate our users to become a happier version of themselves. We give them the tools to make better food choices and further motivate them to achieve theirs goals. We create an educating space, because we believe that sustainable changes happen in the mind. Every day we use our energy into making our apps better, and tenthousands of positive user reviews motivate us to do so!

How we work

100% remote - we work productively from different parts of the world and we have one goal in common - we want to make our clients healthier and happier in everyday life. We are curious, product-minded, results-driven, detail-oriented and comfortable with changing demands and priorities - things happen fast at Arise! We value and work individually - everyone is their own time and tasks manager. Each of us has the chance to create an individual plan of work - work the way that suits best, because what really matters is the effective achievement of our goals.

Our product

Arise is one of the most popular weight loss apps in the German-speaking world and is rapidly growing across the globe. The Arise app is currently exclusive to iOS and is available in 10 different languages. We count several million downloads and more than 80,000 5-star reviews in the App Store.

Our values

Ownership - We take full responsibility for our area of work, our expertise and the results we deliver.

Quality - We all know, quality lasts longer. We want to have good quality and structure in our work and also deliver high quality products, that excite our customers.

Efficiency - We are always looking for simple and intelligent solutions to achieve our ambitious goals while at the same time minimizing resources.

Joy - We strive for satisfaction and create a positive working environment where people are happy to contribute every day. We maintain a positive attitude to our work at all times, even in the most difficult situations, with the aim of being proud of our work at the end of each day.

Value the customer - Our top priority is delivering value and supporting our clients on their path to a healthy life.